bed + bath [u], original

lavender/ chamomile/ musk

sleeptime blend perfect for little ones

black unicorn [f/u], original

clean/ masculine/ fresh berries/ citrus

the unusual cult fave

woo [f], original

bright juicy/ plum/ berry

formerly scorned nymph, this flirty scent gets all the love

coco-nilla [f], original

coconut/ vanilla/ creamy musk

kinda innocent, kinda polite

ms devereaux [f], back for good

elegant musk/ patchouli/ coconut water/ golden amber

this sexy scent popped in and became a permanent fave

notorious f.i.g [f], summer 2017

creamy vanilla musk/ fresh fig

she’s a legend

banana birthday cake [f], spring 2018

fresh bananas that dries down to a subtle almond cake scent with a hint of musk and fresh vanilla bean


ego boost [m]*

welcoming oakmoss/ bergamot/ basil/ patchouli

*this scent is exclusive to BBF Oil for Guys

blk [m], original

spicy cedar wood/ patchouli/ lavender

this one’s for the guys


malibu nights
[feminine] With seductive velvety garden notes and hints of carnations, it’s perfect for evening wear

strawberry thyme lemonade [unisex] One of our favorite summer drinks just got its own scent!

i got agave [feminine] Lo’s favorite thing to say every time I ask for honey. This crip, clean, floral noted scent is perfect for day wear.


candied pecan 

[feminine] this sweet buttery caramel pecan is sure to delight

black tea at midnight
[unisex] warm woodsy amber with a subtle hint of black tea

deluxe caramel corn
[unisex] inspired by our aunt’s homemade gourmet caramel popcorn

earl grey vanilla tobacco 
[unisex] bright soothing earl grey tea leaves with a hint of vanilla tobacco (rerun)