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Our whipped shea butter blend is a unique proprietary formula created with organic shea butter and natural oils, whipped to perfection giving it a light fluffy easy to apply texture. Use it when your skin needs special TLC for dryness. Our blend can be used on the most delicate skin, including small children.

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Massage into clean slightly damp skin allowing the butters and oils to penetrate. If using in combination with our Plush Oil, apply the oil first followed by the whipped shea butter.

For hair and scalp
Apply to clean slightly damp hair and scalp by warming into hands then massaging into scalp or hair paying attention to the roots and ends.

Organic shea butter, avocado oil, tsubaki oil, sea buckthorn, argan oil, safflower oil,olive oil, and optional fragrance

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The best decision I’ve made so far has been wearing Woo faithfully. I’ve dubbed Woo the “bae butter” because I’m guaranteed to get chose once, twice, or three time while wearing it. It’s a sweet, juicy, plum, berry fragrance that lasts throughout the day.

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2 reviews for 8oz WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER

  1. Taye

    The whipped shea butter melts into my skin effortlessly. My favorite scents are Woo, CocoNilla, and Notorious F.I.G. The fragrance lingers and isn’t overwhelming plus I’m moisturized from day to night. I only complain when my jar gets empty!

  2. Diohana

    I really love this product and all its natural ingredients . It leaves your skin soft and silky but not greasy love love love it i also use it on my babies with eczema so its good for diffrent skin textures also ♥️

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